Welcome to the 2016-2017 Plumb's Tools For Schools Program

The Plumb’s Tools for Schools Card electronically tracks each school’s progress.  Once you activate or register your school, your Plumb’s Tools for Schools Cards will be mailed to you to distribute to your families and supporters. 

All existing Tools for Schools Cards will continue to scan.  If you need to order more cards please call program headquarters at 800-999-7750. 

Each time supporters shop at Plumb’s and scan their Plumb’s Tools for Schools Card, they earn points for your school – points you save and redeem for great educational awards.  The points are electronically credited to your school through the Plumb’s Tools for Schools Card.

We know of no better way to serve the community than by enhancing the educational and developmental environment of our children. 

Activate and/or register your school using the School ID Number that can be found on the inside cover of your School Coordinator Guide.

After completing your registration a User Name and Password will be generated for you. Make sure to keep a record of both for each subsequent visit to the site.

Click here to register online.